Cyber Tuesday Haul // Blogmas Day 1

Happy Blogmas Day 1!

Hey all, If you don’t know what Blogmas is, it is the event for bloggers when they blog every day from December 1st-December 24th (24 days of Blogmas). I chose to celebrate Blogmas, as I wanted to do more with my blog, therefore, by doing Blogmas it will force me to blog every day until Christmas!

Cyber Tuesday

On cyber Tuesday I had the pleasure of watching ‘The Murder on The Orient Express’ and going shopping with a couple of friends. I loved the movie and was continuously gasping throughout it which for certain, probably annoyed more than a few people 😀

For those who are confused, yes the title says cyber Tuesday- not Monday, for a reason. In the USA cyber Monday occurs after Thanksgiving, however, because of the time difference and because Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Australia, our cyber Tuesday is more about celebrating the kick-start of the Christmas shopping season with some delightful sales 🙂

P.S. Sorry that I wasn’t bothered to take my own photos. Instead, I chose one from my Instagram of me and some of the friends who I went out with on that day. However, some of the product links are below (B&BW didn’t have the updated Christmas scents on the website yet).

So, let’s start the haul!


Firstly, I stopped at Bath & Body Works. At the time their sale was ‘buy 3 items & get 2 more free’. Considering how pricey Bath & Body Works can be I considered this to be a Christmas miracle :D. There I bought my new favourite scent  ‘Gingerbread latte’, in a body mist. I had always originally planned to get this product after seeing it in one of India Grace’s YouTube videos where she highly recommended it, and now it’s probably one of the best purchases I have ever made 🙂

Next, I bought a shea & sparkle scrub, in the scent ‘Vanilla Beam Noel’ (which is another new favourite scent of mine). Although at first, I was very confused what a sparkle scrub was, I found out it was an exfoliator, which was exactly what I was looking for.

Lastly, I got the ‘A Thousand Wishes’ gift set, which included a shower gel, body mist and a body lotion, all in travel size. I also got an ultra shea body cream in ‘Japanese Cherry Blossom’ and a body lotion in ‘Juniper Breeze’. All of these products are gifts for some of my friends so hopefully, they won’t read this and know what they’re getting 😀


At Supré, there was a sale for 50% off for all shorts. As I was looking for shorts this was perfect. However, because I was saving money up for my next purchase, I could only afford to buy one pair. The pair I chose was the Miami Denim Shorts in ‘Washed Black’. This was perfect as I had been looking for a pair of black shorts for a while.


Lastly, one of my friends recalled seeing a sale at Novo the day before. As at the time I was looking for sock boots (as I am very short), I immediately went in. To my delight, all boots were on a 30$ sale. There, I found a perfect pair of black high heeled ankle boots in the colour black. Not to mention that too my luck, they were the last in stock with the original price was at 90$. 😉

So there we go! That was my small cyber Tuesday hall and my Blogamas day 1 post! I hope you liked it. I’ll see you tomorrow, bye! 😀

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