Writing a Novella Part 1 // Blogmas Day 2

Happy Blogmas Day 2!

Hey all! On November 30th I decided to participate in the Somerset National Novella Writing Competition. This competition gives high schoolers around Australia the opportunity to write a Novella and submit it to Penguin Random House and have the chance to receive recognition and prizes! What you need to do, is a complete an entire  Novella or short story ranging from 8,000-20,000 words and submit it by the 20th of December.

Why I’m participating

I have always wanted to write something. I was never sure what exactly, but I knew that one day I wanted to create something and put my name on it. Fortunately, this competition allows me to do just that 🙂 Disclaimer: I do not believe I am a professional/any good of a writer nor do I expect to win this competition at all. I mean with a cash prize of $2,500, it would be great to win, but what are the odds? 😀 I also want to say that I went into this competition without having any idea of what I was going to write. Smart, I know 😉

My Goal

My goal is to just complete this Novella. I know it sounds stupid but I am known for just starting and finishing projects (aka this blog last year) however, with doing these regular writing posts, I think I can stick with this one. I also want to complete my Novella to the best of my ability and be proud of the finished product. In order to achieve this goal, I believe that I will need to write in about 400-1,000 words a day to reach 8,000-20,000 words (depending on how my story will go) before December 20th.

My writing journey so far

With a completely blank canvas, I started my Novella journey On November 30th. I figured out somewhat of the storyline, characters and places I wanted in my Novella and even the plot twist I was planning on having at the end. But, no title yet. By planning beforehand, I was able to write the begging of my story and introduce (not in grave detail) the characters and places. Even though it was messy, at least I had figured out the basis of my story.

Word Count Day 1: 472 words

On December the 1st I continued my story allowing, my main character to know the appearance and visual characteristics of some of my other characters. I also established the current setting and what it looked like. However, today I mostly just edited what I wrote yesterday.

Word Count Day 2: 990 words

Until December 20th, I will continuously be documenting my writing journey in parts. This will ensure that I will keep writing my Novella, and so in the future, I will be able to look on my very first Novella writing journey. 😀 At the very end, I will hopefully, also be able to post my Novella on my blog (hopefully it’s not too big of a file) 🙂

Thanks for reading! See you guys tomorrow, bye!

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